Individual Academic Paces

White Buffalo School diagnostically tests students in each academic subject, to determine the "learning gaps" they did not achieve 80% or higher on in their past education.  The School orders each student their "PACE" booklets of gaps they missed and then  the student will proceed to learning all subjects according to their individual pace.

Students set daily goals of how many pages of each PACE subject they will accomplish each day and proceed on their path to graduation in an accelerated time, due to the knowledge of the individual students previous academic history of strengths and needs in learning.

Students are not in grades but private levels in offices with all ages combined.



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Mentorship In Individual Self Interest

Each Student is interviewed and mentored on their self interest.

Arts, Agriculture, Civics and are the main focus of White Buffalo and we have mentors on staff.

All self interest of students are fostered, nurtured and encouraged.

They will have a portion of each day and or week dedicated to the study of their interest.  Also on their report card will be a section for a grade each Semester dedicated to the study, research and focus on that Individual Subject.

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Cultural Arts

Each Individual Art Student, is mentored at their individual  level of Fine Arts to Master Drawing, Painting and Ceramics.

The Culture and Traditions of each student is explored, after a degree of mastering the Foundations of Art, to develop the students own voice, style and legacy for their family.

Most of our 10-12 year olds focusing on the Arts as their Individual Self Interest, begin a process of creating a Portfolio of Art works, to Audition into Blue Ribbon High School: New Mexico School for the Arts of Santa Fe.  High School Students who remain at White Buffalo, create Portfolios for College Art Scholarships

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