White Buffalo bARTer School was formed to  provide  programming for students 4 to 19.   Children learn at an accelerated rate by using manipulation of objects, concepts and their individual gifts in the Arts.  Our goal, within (5) years using Cognitive Reconstructing and  PACE systems, is to:  increase students grade level competencies scores by 30%, and increase  individuals Wechsler Intelligence Scale (IQ) range by 12%.

Our Culture

White Buffalo ‘s school culture has discipline, diversity, parent involvement and the feel of the school environment — whether it’s competitive or collaborative — are important factors to White Buffalo core values.    We have the highest expectations for parent involvement on a daily bases as part of the barter process.

Meet the Team

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Joy L. Ebel

Director/ Principal

Joy Ebel has been a Community Artist, Painter for 40 years and Ceramicist for 25 years.   She has taught for 20 years.  The last 8 years she wrote Individualized Educational Plans for Talented Students.

J. Alfred Johnson

Administrator/Isaiah Institute NOLA

Dr.  John  A. Johnson, Sr.has over 36 years of experience in Mentoring, Education, Skills  Instruction, Personnel Management and Personal Development

Theresa Montoya

Traditional Arts Mentor / Board Member

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