Art Exhibit for 8th grade Graduation

Sarah Garcia

Sarah's Self Interest was Fine Arts.  She enrolled as a full time student in 8th Grade.  Art instructor and Mentor: Joy Ebel/ Principal trained her in  Painting and helped her explore her father's Lowrider Legacy through her art.  Sarah also developed a knowledge of Spanish and New Mexican Traditions of woodcarving and paintings on wood through a series of feildtrips and interviews of local artists.

She was mentored and prepared for her Audition to New Mexico School of Arts in Santa Fe. She was accepted for 2018 as a Freshman.

For her 8th grade graduation at White Buffalo Art School she had an Art Exhibit where she sold 11 paintings and made over $1,000.

She continues to have art exhibits and do commissions for other "Low riders" paintings.  Thus extending her father's Legacy of the Arts at the age of 14.