Diagnostic Testing

White Buffalo will Diagnostic Test students 4-19 to improve educational outcomes.  These tests will ensure accuracy of learning gaps that the students missed in previous learning.  The school will purchase books for students on what they need to learn to proceed to their individual path to accelerated graduation.

One to One Mentorship

White Buffalo creates civic relationships between students and mentors in the students individual self interest.

Networking Skills

Opportunities are created by White Buffalo, for each student to experience networking, in Business, Entrepreneurship, Politics, Religion, Community and family, to ensure lifelong civic engagement, within their self interest.

Students Mentored in Civic Engagment

Our students our mentored on how to engage in One to Ones with family, business clients, Clergy etc.to create students that are Civically Minded.

Mentored by Professionals

Our students our provided mentorship by Professionals in the field of self interest of the individual student.

Next Steps...

White Buffalo's Principal will interview your child,to develop a knowledge of their individual talents, goals or interests.